Membership Website Ideas: 15 Concepts to Try in 2023

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The membership economy is booming. Indeed, 59%* of Americans have signed up for at least one membership or subscription service. Whether it’s streaming, a gym membership, or something else, we’ve become accustomed to paying for services on a monthly recurring basis. That’s great news if you’re a business that wants to offer memberships, especially because most website builders come with inbuilt tools to support this.

But what if you aren’t sure what kind of membership you want to offer or you’re looking for inspiration to help you build a website that appeals to consumers so they sign up for your products and services?

Well, we’ve got the answers and below we’ll show you 15 of the best membership website ideas to test in 2023 that’ll help win more customers.

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Health and Wellness

The health and wellness industry is worth an astonishing $4.4tn, and it seems like nowadays we’re all more conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to see why a company might be tempted to start a brand focusing on these topics.

Here are some worth considering.

1 - Personalized Fitness Plans

Everfit lets fitness pros earn money through subscriptions to their fitness plans.

A membership site based on personal fitness can offer customized workout routines and nutrition plans tailored to individual needs and goals. You can even go a step further by integrating with wearable tech and fitness tracking apps to offer a holistic approach to health and wellness. Doing so creates a seamless user experience and makes it easier for members to track their progress while staying committed.

2- Mindfulness and Meditation Hub

Mindfulness and meditation are everywhere right now, and that’s a good thing. So why not create a membership site that’s all about nurturing the better you? From guided meditation sessions that cater to newbies and pros alike to stress-busting techniques – businesses could even offer this to their teams, allowing you to tap into B2B and B2C markets.

Top tip: Throw in some expert-led webinars and mindfulness advice, and you’ve got yourself an online sanctuary where people can learn, chill, and chat about all things mental health.

3 - Healthy Cooking and Meal Planning

Gousto webpage
Gousto is a successful UK meal box provider with thousands signing up for their meals.

A membership site for healthy cooking and meal planning potentially has a lot to offer. Members could gain access to a library of exclusive recipes, step-by-step cooking tutorials, and meal-planning tools. Or, even better, you can provide the meals as part of a service, offering the ingredients with cooking instructions for easy preparation. Make it a one-stop shop for anyone looking to improve their diet and culinary skills or for those who need a simple way to create delicious, healthy meals.

Creative Arts

Unleash the power of creativity with membership websites focused on the arts and get people tapping into a side of themselves they didn’t know existed.

4- Online Art Studio

Why not explore the world of digital art and create a membership site that’s a playground for artists? Think art tutorials that break down complex topics, virtual workshops that feel like you’re in a real studio, and a community that’s all about cheering each other on and sharing ideas.

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5 - Writing and Publishing Network

Medium webpage
Medium is one of the most popular sites for people to showcase their writing.

Who doesn’t love a good story? Writing and self-publishing are still the talk of the town, especially in an age where it’s never been so easy to share your ideas. Sites like Medium have changed the game, and you can contribute with a membership site full of precious creative writing nuggets. Think writing prompts to kickstart creativity or editing tools to polish prose that offer an alternative to the likes of Grammarly.

Top tip: Encourage a community of writers by offering a space where they can offer feedback on each other’s work–a place where everyone can encourage each other and enrich their writing.

6 - Music Production Hub

Some of the best music production has taken place in bedrooms around the world, leading to number-one hits in the charts. Harness the power of this world with a site that functions as a backstage pass to all things music. Offer members production tutorials that demystify the techy stuff, royalty-free sound libraries that are a DJ’s dream, or real-deal industry feedback to take tracks to the next level.

Professional Development

In today’s world, there have never been so many resources for professional development. People are always looking for ways to improve themselves and achieve their career goals.

7 - Skill-Specific Learning Paths

Consider a membership site that offers a structured approach to learning. Build a community with curated paths that guide members through courses in different fields with expert advice and consider offering certifications to those who complete the course. You could include access to industry experts for that extra insider knowledge to offer even more value.

8 - Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group

Founder revenue academy website
Founder Revenue Academy gives CEOs the skills to win in business.

While not everyone is the next Steve Jobs, there’s nothing to stop them from trying. Your site could be the go-to place for business minds to meet as someone aims to conjure up the next big idea. Think facilitated discussions that get thought processes flowing mixed in with expert-led sessions for that deep dive, as well as a resource library that’s like a business school in a box.

9 - Remote Work Productivity Center

Go Nomad website
Go Nomad helps remote people experience different countries while they work.

Remote work isn’t just a trend anymore. It’s become an expectation for many who value it as a better way of having a work-life balance. A membership site focused on this could be a game-changer, with tips for setting up that perfect home office, as well as offering advice on digital tools to streamline the workday.

Top tip: Create a community of digital nomads where remote pros can swap stories and solutions. It’s like a co-working space, but you can stay in your pajamas.

Hobbies and Interests

Indulge in your passions and get others to join you through specialized membership websites.

10 - Photography Enthusiast Community

Photography is so much more than just snapping a picture–it’s an art form that can tell a thousand stories from just one image. The best thing about photography is that anyone can try it, whether they want to be professional photographers or simply desire to take a few pics in their spare time. With a website focused on photography enthusiasts, you can provide a one-stop shop for all things pictures. You can include editing tutorials that turn good photos into great ones and expert feedback that’s like having a pro over your shoulder.

11 - Gaming Strategy Vault

EA Play website
EA Play offers subscriptions to gaming services.

The gaming community is one of the most passionate ones around, and your membership site could be just what gamers have been searching for. From game reviews to In-depth guides that demystify complex games and strategy videos that offer that ‘aha’ moment, keep the discussions on the latest trends so members stay one step ahead of the game. Or you could go one better and make a game if you have the knowledge, then sell access to it via a membership.

12 - Sustainable Living Exchange

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword used to show off eco-friendliness. Today, there’s an expectation that brands are sustainable, and you can build off this energy with a website that promotes sustainable living.

Top tip: Offer members tips that make sustainable living doable, create DIY projects that are as fun as they are green, and build a community platform for sharing ideas and innovations in your digital eco-village.

Knowledge Sharing and Learning

Foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing with these handy membership website ideas.

13 - Language Learning Community

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is one of the largest online language-learning communities.

Connect cultures with a language learning community that rivals Rosetta Stone’s. Provide members with structured lessons on their chosen languages, as well as deep dives into cultural nuances, and host interactive practice sessions that make learning a new language less daunting.

14 - Digital Marketing Mastery Hub

The best idea is no idea without the right marketing behind it. But not everyone knows how to be a savvy digital marketer, so why not help them? Construct a membership site that’s like a marketing MBA in your pocket. Tutorials that demystify SEO, case studies offering real-world insights, and trend updates that keep members ahead of the curve.

15 - Home DIY and Renovation Network

Whether users want some advice for a passion project or someone wants to get into the business of renovation, a home DIY network could be the perfect solution. Your site could be the digital workshop where dreams take shape, like DIY tutorials that make complex tasks manageable.

Top tip: Offer renovation tips that turn ‘meh’ into ‘wow’ with a platform where members can share their projects and get inspired.

Summary: Join the club

We’ve explored 15 diverse membership website ideas, each with its unique appeal and potential. The key is to test these ideas to find the best fit for your audience. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and unlock the untapped potential of membership websites.

Best Membership Websites FAQs

A membership website is something people sign up for to receive a recurring service, be it products, content, help, ideas or community insights.
Think about what you’re passionate about and look at the market to see if there’s a space for what you’d like to offer.
You bet! Most membership sites allow for other tool integrations, be it analytics, marketing, you name it. Having a site that works well with others is always beneficial in the long run, as it offers more functionality and can lead to partnerships.
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