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  • IONOS has recently overhauled its website building service, MyWebsite Now, to include many new AI features – including whole website generation.
  • Other notable features include AI Text Generation, AI SEO Improver, and AI Image Generation.

The website builder IONOS has recently announced it has introduced a number of AI tools and features into its website building service, MyWebsite Now.

Earlier in the year, IONOS announced the release of its AI Text Generation tool, a feature that many website builders are investing in. Since then, IONOS has doubled down on AI integration, adding five new AI tools for its users.

Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS, commented on the new developments, saying: “Artificial intelligence is currently revolutionizing the way that websites are generated. With IONOS, it has always been possible to create professional websites without any programming knowledge, but with the new AI tools, this process has been made significantly faster and at the same time easier and better than ever before.”

What AI Features Have Been Added?

The previously introduced feature of AI Text Generation has expanded to also include an AI Text Improver and AI SEO Text Generation. The Text Improver will allow users to adjust the tone of their generated AI text, with IONOS advertising 12 different tonalities for content, ranging between “professional, trustworthy, and friendly.”

The SEO Text Generation is specifically designed to help improve a webpage’s SEO with crawlable titles and descriptions, improving its visibility. With 70% of small businesses not having an SEO strategy, it’s important to learn to get ahead. With this being the first built-for application of AI with SEO that we have reported on, SEO knowledge may become more accessible in the future.

Leaving text generation, a new feature IONOS introduced is an AI website builder. According to IONOS, the AI website builder is targeted toward small-to-medium-sized businesses, and can generate a whole website, including a “homepage and up to four subpages”. Apparently, the IONOS AI Website Builder only needs access to “minimal information” in order to build, only requiring the user’s “company name, industry, and a short description”. Users will then be able to choose from three generated designs for their site, similar to Wix’s current AI website generator.

Lastly, IONOS also delves into the world of AI imagery with its AI Image Generator. Users can simply type in a prompt and AI will generate an image for them. 

AI images are a controversial subject, considering how they not only steal from artists but may in fact increase the spread of harmful stereotypes. However, IONOS puts the judgment into the hands of its users.

It’s worth noting that you must be a part of the $1 per month Plus plan to use all of the aforementioned AI tools. Only the AI Website Builder is available on the Starter plan.

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