Streamline Business Bills With Shopify and Melio Partnership

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Shopify homepage for its Shopify Bill Pay feature with "Pay any business, anywhere, any way you want" in black text and a button to get started
Source: Shopify
  • Shopify and Melio launch a new feature together, Shopify Bill Pay
  • Shopify Bill Pay will help Shopify stores pay and manage their business bills

Tired of juggling all of your business bills? Having to jump between your Shopify dashboard and other platforms to keep track of everything? Shopify has recently partnered with the B2B payments service, Melio, to introduce Shopify Bill Pay – a solution to support Shopify merchants with their business bills.

With this new feature, you can now pay and manage all of your expenses from your Shopify account.

Matan Bar, Melio’s CEO and co-founder, commented on the announcement:

“We are excited to announce this unique partnership with Shopify that will simplify merchants’ bill-paying experience – providing them with more flexibility to help with their cash flow and saving them countless hours spent tracking invoices.”

Work Smarter With Shopify Bill Pay

Shopify stores can sign up to Shopify Bill Pay for free, and manage it all from their main business hub. The new feature can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Add bills and invoices to your account
  2. Choose how to pay and find what works best for your business and vendors
  3. Pay now or schedule for later with your Shopify admin

To expand on the above points, you can also send payments around the world – with 100 countries supported by Melio – and streamline your bill-paying process by syncing your account with QuickBooks Online.

In fact, you’ll even get a dedicated dashboard to oversee and schedule payments.

Matan Bar said, “Shopify Bill Pay will bring a whole new experience to merchants who are overwhelmed by managing their cash flow and inventories, preparing their stock for busy seasons and keeping track of each vendor’s payment requirements.”

The new feature should help businesses immensely, especially during those “busy seasons”, as Bar said, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Not only will Shopify Bill Pay help with managing your business generally, but it also has plenty of time-saving benefits.

Shruti Patel, Shopify’s Head of Merchant Services Partnerships and Monetization, said that the main goal of the partnership is to save business owners “time and resources, so they can focus on growing their business.”

Shopify advertises that its new accounts payable solution will free up an average of 16 hours per month that store owners usually spend paying business bills.

The feature is currently available to all US Shopify merchants, and as long as you have an account with Shopify, the add-on is completely free to use. But if you haven’t built your online store just yet, check out our full Shopify review to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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