Discover the 11 Best Corporate Website Designs of 2023

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Whether it’s rating the best website builders for small business or compiling tips and tricks to overcome small business challenges, we here at Website Builder Expert have been putting in the hours researching what makes the best corporate websites tick.

High-quality web design is a huge factor for success – so we’ve gathered our favorite examples of popular corporate websites with user-friendly, inspiring designs!

Trending Corporate Website Design Elements

Below, we’ll take a look at the best company websites in terms of design. But first – what design elements did we consider during our search? Well, based on the latest trends and our own experiences, we kept our eyes peeled for:

  • Minimalistic and clean layouts.
  • Bold typography and creative fonts.
  • Vibrant color schemes and gradients.
  • Micro-interactions and animations.
  • Unique navigation menus and user journeys.
Top Tip:

Plenty of website builders can help you implement these design features by yourself, without having to pay an outside designer.

Now let’s see these elements in action with some real-life examples!

Owl Design

This British-based interior design studio, Owl Design, is focused on creating spaces with “room to breathe so they work better and allow design details to shine” – and they’ve clearly applied this philosophy to their website too, with plenty of blank space to direct the eye to what’s really important.

The color scheme is simple, which makes it easier for the photos of their design work to stand out. Plus, the center-aligned website means that these photos can literally take center stage. If you’re offering a product or service that you’re proud of, take a leaf out of Owl’s book and build the rest of your site around it!


This customer relationship management (CRM) and technology company, Salesforce, provides its software and applications to countless other businesses to help them run more smoothly – so it’s no surprise that Salesforce’s website is defined by a clean and professional design that makes it attractive to both prospective and current customers.

Everything here, from product demos to training tools, is clearly signposted for an optimal user experience. Best of all, the Salesforce website includes real-life customer success stories to help potential clients get inspired and see what this tech company can do for them.

Jack Daniel’s

This American classic has become a favorite around the world – and the Jack Daniel’s website wisely uses some ecommerce localization techniques to appeal to customers all over the map. One of the first things you’re prompted to do is select your region and language, which helps the brand create stronger relationships with users wherever they are.

This website also has plenty of personality, displayed through well-placed images of Jack Daniel’s products in restaurants and bars.

97 Switch

Founded in 2013, 97 Switch is a digital marketing agency that uses its website to communicate its values, origin story, and technical capabilities all in one. In the homepage, you’ll find customer reviews and examples of successful work – plus, if you explore a bit further, you’ll find an eye-catching timeline of how the team has got to where they are today.

97 Switch successfully uses storytelling to communicate its mission more effectively – and it never underestimates the power of a few good pictures!

McKinsey & Company

This famed management consulting company, McKinsey & Company, has one of the best corporate websites when it comes to sophisticated design and relevant content. You can easily find a treasure trove of thought leadership articles and research right on the homepage, which is cleverly curated to serve McKinsey’s target audience of governments and large corporations.

Well-organized industry insights make this site a winner for user experience – no small feat, when presenting such a huge library of information!


Samsung, the well-known electronics company uses an animated carousel to bring its latest product offerings to life. This interactive feature is the first thing you see on the homepage, refreshingly cutting right to the chase.

In addition to its interactive nature, this website also attracted our attention with its well-structured product pages – they offer all of the pricing and features information that users want, with no extra clutter.


A titan of the beauty industry, L’Oréal uses its website to recommend products and offer interactive makeup tutorials, so scrolling through these pages feels like an experience rather than just another online shop.

Stylish and image-focused design elevates this website, giving it the kind of elegant vibe that matches L’Oréal’s brand identity.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore lives up to its reputation as a paint company, making good use of color palettes throughout its website. Blue was a great choice for the homepage, since it represents trust and stability.

Aside from its great use of color, this website also impressed us with its interactive chatbot – great for helping users pick out the right colors for them – and clean product pages.

Good to Know:

Our guide to choosing an eye-catching website color palette can help you rival the likes of Benjamin Moore yourself!


As a trendy advertising agency, 72andSunny knows the value of big, bold words and visuals – and its clean, straightforward website capitalizes on both.

Simple, but effective – that’s the best way to go!


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the champion of white space on this list. Apple’s clean and simple website cuts through the noise to deliver impactful branding and relevant product placement.

Apple sells a broad range of products and services, from cell phones to TV subscriptions, but its clean and simple site makes all of those sections easy to explore.


Nikon the popular camera brand has a picture-perfect website, signposted throughout with clear calls to action.

We especially liked how the “consumer” audience is prioritized on the homepage – it makes for an easy user experience!


These days, your website is often the first – and sometimes the only – impression that users will get of your business, and creating a well-designed site can go a long way towards establishing your brand.

This might sound daunting, but the best way to get started is by gathering inspiration, and there is plenty to explore in the examples above. Plus, we’ve written an extensive guide on how to build a business website that’s full of useful tips and tricks.

We’ve put our designer hats on and picked out our favorites, and now we’d love to hear yours! If you’ve got a favorite corporate website design, we’d love to read about it in the comments!


Corporate website design is the process of creating an effective, user-friendly website for a business. You can actually design a website yourself with a website builder, and you don’t need any prior experience!
You’ll definitely want to include your location and contact information, as well as high quality photos of the products you’re offering. And a nice “about us” section is a great addition, too.
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