Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress: Web War 3 (2023)

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Overall, when you compare Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, Wix is the best website builder. It not only provides incredible features at a reasonable price, but it’s also the easiest to use if you’re making a website for the first time.

However, that doesn’t mean Weebly and WordPress don’t have their own very persuasive merits! While we believe Wix pleases the most people, there are niches that Weebly and WordPress are vastly better suited for over Wix! It’s just a matter of personal preference (and to find out what these factors are…read on!)

Let’s start with the basics. Wix and Weebly are website builders, used by people who want to create something beautiful online with minimal difficulty.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), used by coding pros who want more creative control. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss the differences in more detail later.

To make your life easier, we’ve not only done our research on each platform, but we asked a bunch of everyday people to test them too.

This means we know exactly what Wix, Weebly, and WordPress bring to the party. On top of that, we’ve compared the trio in seven key areas, including ease of use, help and support, pricing, and design flexibility.

After reading this article, you’ll know which one to pick. Now let the battle commence…

Best All-Around Website Builder


out of 5
Top Choice
Ease Of Use

4.4 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

4.8 out of 5 stars

Customer Score

4.7 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

4.6 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

3 out of 5 stars

Best for Small Business & Portfolios


out of 5
Ease Of Use

3.7 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

3.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Score

3.6 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

2.3 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

3.2 out of 5 stars

Powerful and Most Widely Used CMS


out of 5
Ease Of Use

3.2 out of 5 stars

Help and Support

1.3 out of 5 stars

Customer Score

3.9 out of 5 stars

Design Flexibility

2 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

4.8 out of 5 stars

Wix is better if you’re building a website for the first time

Wix makes website building seem like child’s play! With its simple drag-and-drop editor and over 800 designer-made templates to choose from, Wix is the full package, letting you go from zero to website hero in no time! Did we mention that you can start with Wix today, for free?

Try Wix Today For Free!

Weebly is better if you want a cost-effective builder

Weebly’s main selling point is its free plan and cheap prices. If you need a functional and decent-looking website built for nothing, Weebly should be your go-to! While it can’t boast the features of Wix, Weebly still shines from the crowd by being cost-effective and perfect for small projects.

Wowed by Weebly? Try Now!

WordPress is better if you want complete creative control (and don’t mind the extra work)

For time efficiency, this is the worst option but it also frees you from the sometimes restrictive design and feature options of website builders. With WordPress, if you can dream it you can do it! As long as you don’t mind the hard work.

See What WordPress Can Do For You!

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Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress: Quick Comparison

Category & Winner Wix Weebly WordPress
Ease of Use
Wix makes website building a breeze with its drag-and-drop editor. Weebly feels outdated due to a lack of updates, leading to an awkward building experience. WordPress needs you to have a bit of coding knowledge to use.
Wix offers 800+ templates that are professionally designed and mobile-friendly. Weebly is a lot more stripped down and not mobile-friendly, which really makes it seem lacking. WordPress theoretically gives you unlimited creative freedom, but you will have to install a theme and do a lot of the work yourself.
Features and Tools
Wix has the best features on offer. It really can do everything! Weebly has all the necessary features but doesn’t give the user a full range of tools. Through plugins, WordPress can have any feature. But they need to be downloaded and can sometimes cost.
Apps and Plugins
While not as big as WordPress, it’s the quality of Wix’s market that earns it the top spot. Weebly is similar to Wix, but the apps it offers can’t quite match up to Wix’s. WordPress has a gargantuan 54,000 plugin library, but it means more work for you in trying to find the ones you need since quality isn’t always guaranteed.
Winner: It's a Tie Between Wix and WordPress!
Wix’s SEO is fantastic, with an SEO Wiz to teach you and Site Booster free for a year. Weebly’s SEO is serviceable but suffers from not being mobile-friendly. For WordPress you will need to download a third-party plugin like Yoast, but it's a fantastic platform.
Help and Support
Wix’s customer service is top-notch, offering 24/7 coverage. Weebly’s customer service features are good but its Knowledge Base is lacking compared to Wix. As an open source platform, WordPress having no help and support makes it very difficult for newcomers.
While it is more expensive than other builders, it offers so much it makes the price worth it. Weebly’s affordability is its main selling point…it scores 5/5 in our research! WordPress is theoretically free, but you will ring up a cost needing hosting, SSL, themes etc.
Overall Winner:Wix Wix is our overall winner. It does it all while having a free plan to boot! Definitely our number one choice if you are building a website for the first time. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the lack of attention Weebly has received in recent years has left it constantly trailing behind builders like Wix who do everything Weebly does and more. WordPress remains a staple of the web-building environment, despite its major differences. While not shaping up to the standards builders like Wix sets, it doesn’t really need to and remains happy to do its own thing.
Are You Ready? Try Wix For Free Try Weebly Today Check Out WordPress

Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress: Pros and Cons

Wix Pros and Cons

Wix Pros Wix Cons
• Best all-around website builder
• Very easy to use
• Cannot switch themes after publishing
• Freedom can feel overwhelming

Wix is the best overall website builder out there. Why? Because it allows anyone to become a web designer. It loses points, though, based on the fact you can’t change themes after publishing.

Weebly Pros and Cons

Weebly Pros Weebly Cons
• Best value for money
• Streamlined builder
• Cannot restore websites yourself
• Relatively confusing interface

Weebly is another builder that keeps things simple, using drag-and-drop like its rival Wix. It’s more complicated to find your way around, though, and you’ll need to contact Weebly’s support team if you want to restore an old website.

WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress Pros WordPress Cons
•Limitless customization
•Access to 54,000+ plugins
• Not for tech beginners
• Requires coding knowledge

WordPress is a tech pro’s dream, and can be an exciting challenge for beginner’s if they have the time to invest in setting up their site. Coding and web hosting knowledge is a must, but if you have the skill, you’ll be rewarded with total creative control.

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What’s the Difference Between Wix, Weebly, and WordPress?

If you’re not sure what the difference is, you’ll need to know in order to make an informed decision. It’s like ordering food in a different language – why take the risk and pick the wrong thing?

Wix and Weebly are known as drag-and-drop website builders. This means you can select and move text, images, videos – the whole lot – with just a few clicks.

In short, anyone from tech beginners to keyboard kings and queens can use builders like these to create a website, without having to touch any code. Just think of drag-and-drop builders as your foreign language phrasebook when ordering food abroad.

That being said, Wix is the best all-around website builder. Weebly has sadly taken a dip in our research rankings, including a 36% fall in design! Why’s this happened? Well, since Weebly got acquired by Square Online, it has kind of just been left on the backburner, receiving very few updates since being bought. As such, Weebly feels very outdated compared to other builders. But it’s still affordable and offers great value which is why it’s still a favorite for new web builders and small businesses on a tight budget

WordPress, meanwhile, is a different beast entirely.

WordPress is an open-source – or self-hosted – CMS (Content Management System). This is different from a website builder because it means you have full responsibility for coding, and for sourcing a host for your website. A host is what holds your website on the internet, like a rental space. We recommend using Bluehost – it’s our top-rated WordPress host, and it’s been recommended by WordPress itself.

Although coding knowledge is useful for WordPress, it’s not essential thanks to pre-built themes and optional drag-and-drop editors. That said, you’re still signing up for a much bigger time investment than Wix or Weebly, because WordPress requires much more customization and technical upkeep, so be ready for a learning curve!

Heads Up!

WordPress has two platforms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a website builder, like Wix and Squarespace, so is a better choice for beginners who are looking for a more structured creative process. WordPress.org, on the other hand, is a Content Management System (CMS). As mentioned above, this means you have to find and pay for your hosting. With WordPress.com, hosting comes included in the monthly price you pay. For this comparison, we’re going to be focusing on WordPress. org.

Ease of Use

Which Is More Beginner Friendly?
The Winner

Wix is the easiest platform to use

Wix is easier than Weebly because it has a more intuitive interface and drag-and-drop feature, so you know exactly where and when to click. In contrast, WordPress is very hard to grasp for users without coding knowledge.
Visit Wix
Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 4.4/5 3.4/5 3.2/5
Coding knowledge needed? No No No (but it would be helpful)
Ease of Use
Pure drag and drop, making it very beginner-friendly and earning the highest score for ease of use in our testing! Has been neglected in recent years, leading to a builder that feels outdated and clunky. A completely blank canvas. You will have to figure out a lot of the website building yourself.

Building a website should be easy. This way, anyone can build a website and have something to be proud of online. So let’s take a look at the learning curve for each platform.

It’s easy to love Wix because, well, it just makes everything so easy. With Wix, you can build a professional-looking website in just few hours. It’s like a high-tech sat nav – you won’t ever get lost.

wix homepage
It's really easy to find your way around the Wix Editor.

Weebly has fallen behind in recent years. While other builders have improved and innovated to make the building easier than ever, Weebly has stood still, leading to a builder that feels outdated and hard to use compared to its contemporaries.

Using a drag-and-drop model similar to Wix, our testers found Weebly’s blocks to be far too sticky and awkward to move around, making any customization a challenge. You’ll want to give up before you even begin.

As one of our testers commented:

It just didn’t feel intuitive or pleasant to work with and I got really frustrated with it. It was not an enjoyable experience.

weebly homepage
Weebly isn't one of the easiest to use website builders out there.

WordPress is more difficult to use than Wix and Weebly. If you’re like most people who haven’t touched code before, you may find creating your dream website much more time-consuming. If you don’t have coding skills, WordPress can be tricky to use.

You can create a WordPress site without coding, but you need to install a drag-and-drop page builder plugin first.

You will also need to source web hosting, and organize SSL certificates (website security) yourself. So, it’s worth weighing up your options if you have a busy working schedule.

Good to know…

By using a hosting provider like Bluehost, you’ll get a domain name and SSL security certificate thrown in for free when you sign up to one of its WordPress hosting plans. Bluehost also provides one-click WordPress installation (seriously, it only takes one click!), making it much easier and simpler to set up your WordPress website.


Is Ease of Use a Top Priority?

Wix is a super beginner-friendly platform that will help you get online without headaches.


Who Looks The Best?
The Winner

Wix has the best design of the bunch!

It’s how flexible and easy Wix makes designing websites that earn it our top spot. They look great too; nearly 1,000 professionally-designed templates that you can choose from and then edit to your heart’s content. Weebly’s themes can’t hold a candle to Wix’s variety, and while WordPress’s freedom is tantalizing since you could theoretically make anything you want, the time and effort needed lost points for our testers.

Visit Wix
Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 4.4/5 2.5/5 2/5
Number of templates 800+ 50+ 9,000+
Can you switch later? No Yes No
Mobile Responsive Yes No No
While also looking great, Wix gives users the most choice with the easiest customization. Weebly’s designs look old since it stopped frequently updating, and its mobile editor has poor formatting. Comes close due to its pure freedom, but having to install themes and plugins and potentially code makes it more effort for beginners.

You now know how easy it is to use each platform, but how flexible are they in design? In artistic terms, how many paints, brushes, and props do they let you get creative with?

Wix has 800 templates across 16 categories, which you can easily search for. What’s more, all of them are mobile responsive, meaning your website looks the part on screens of any size.

With Wix, you won’t struggle to find the perfect theme for your online dreams. In fact, you don’t even need to find it at all! Wix offers an ADI feature, building the site for you. Just fill in a few questions about what type of website you like, and Wix does all the work for you!

ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a feature rolled out by Wix in 2016. Firstly, you describe what tools you would like, such as a blog, booking tools, products – anything you need for the purpose of the website! Then come the fun questions, where you get asked about design preferences such as fonts, colors, and the name of your website. From here, Wix ADI generates a website for your needs! Cool, right? If the site isn’t exactly what you were expecting, you can easily transition into the Editor and make all the changes you like.
wix template gallery
Wix caters for any type of website with its huge choice of themes.

We’d like to see an improvement in Wix’s flexibility, though. You cannot switch themes after publishing your website, so you’re stuck with your choice. Of course, it’s easy to completely redesign any theme with Wix, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

Weebly provides fewer themes in comparison – there are only around 50 to choose from – but they still cover all the industries you’d need for any standard website. However, the formatting on mobile is poor, which is a major issue in this day and age, where almost 50% of all internet traffic is now from mobile devices.

weebly theme gallery
Weebly's themes give your site a professional feel.

When it comes to designing with WordPress, the CMS world is your oysterprovided you know how to code. The scope for customization is endless; you can code what you like, and have access to 54,000 plugins to personalize your website even more.

bluehost logo

Looking for a Flexible Platform?

WordPress is advanced, but it offers the most design freedom of these three platforms.

Features and Tools

Who Offers The Most?
The Winner

Wix has better built-in features than Weebly and WordPress

Wix has the best features of any builder we’ve ever tested! There’s no other builder which has the sheer variety of features available in the editor. While it can feel a bit cluttered, it’s better to have too much than too little, which is Weebly’s issue. Through plugins, WordPress has even more features than Wix, but many are locked behind a paywall and it can be a hassle to constantly have to source features for your site.

Visit Wix
Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 4.9/5 3.5/5 2.2/5
Wix has really improved its ecommerce with a number of great tools such as dropshipping and multichannel selling with Instagram. Really great for small businesses. Weebly has a simplistic ecommerce platform. You are able to maintain an online store, but don’t expect many higher-end features. WordPress is more designed for blogging and personal websites.
Wix is just shy of perfect for blogging because there is no a search bar for blog posts. Weebly blog posts look decent, but lack features such as analytics and the ability to schedule posts. WordPress is the blogging boss, basically having kept the format alive for the past 20 years!
Wix’s marketing features are fantastic with in-built email tools and social media posts. Weebly does not have integrated social media like Wix, instead just having buttons. Marketing features can be added through plugins.

A CMS or website builder’s range of tools are the very formula you need for creating, growing, and managing your site. The fewer features you have, the less your website can do.


Retail ecommerce sales in the US reached more than $768 billion in 2022, and will only get bigger. So if you’re thinking about building an ecommerce store, now’s the time. Let’s see which platform gives you the best tools to sell with.

Our research found Wix was the best “generic’” website builder with ecommerce functionality. It has three ecommerce specific price plans, which come with zero transaction fees, the ability to sell digital and physical products, and support for 15+ different payment providers.

Weebly’s ecommerce options come included in all its plans, even the free plan!. It lets you sell digital, physical, and service products, and gives you the ability to create coupons and send abandoned cart recovery emails.

However, Weebly is a website builder first and foremost. Square Online was designed as the ecommerce side of Weebly and provides a more well-rounded ecommerce offering for Weebly users, meaning ecommerce is no longer Weebly’s strongest asset.

Wix, on the other hand, has really improved its ecommerce in recent years, adding great features such as abandoned cart recovery and unlimited products. It’s improved so much in our research that it actually eclipsed the ecommerce powerhouse Shopify as our number one recommended choice, with a score of 4.7 out of 5!

WordPress isn’t built for ecommerce, but you can integrate its ecommerce specific plugin, WooCommerce, which gives you one-click refunds and plenty of other features.

wordpress features
WordPress gives you nearly limitless possibilities, with over 54,000 plugins to choose from


To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Of course, the answer is yes – blogging keeps your audience up to date with your latest offerings. It’s also great for SEO (search engine optimization), which we’ll get into later.

Wix is an all-around solid blogger. You can add comments, build in an RSS feed, and analyze your blog’s performance. On the downside, there is no archive function. This means visitors won’t be able to find your old posts – just think of the precious content they’d miss out on!

Weebly provides all the core blogging features you’d need. Unlike Wix, though, you can archive your blog posts. By the same token, Weebly has no built-in analytics feature, although you can add a third party app like Google Analytics if you’d like.

WordPress began as a pure blogging platform, which makes it something of a pro. Remember, it’s a Content Management System, so its main purpose is to help you –  well – manage content. What’s more, as an open-source platform, your WordPress blog can be coded to look or feel however you like.

Want Great Blogging Tools?

WordPress has got you covered in this area, with plenty of tools to engage readers and analyze performance.

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A good range of marketing features will provide the water and sunlight necessary for your website to blossom. They’ll bring more clicks, and more eyes to your site, as well as more dollars (if you’re running an ecommerce store).

Wix understands the power of marketing. It comes with a dedicated dashboard where you can run email campaigns, customize newsletters, and design beautiful social media posts.

Wix has also introduced an all-in-one marketing solution called Wix Ascend. It covers 20 product areas including email marketing and social media, starting from just $10 per month.

You can even integrate a live feed from your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are plenty of apps you can use, too, but we’ll get into that in the next section.

Weebly also has a marketing dashboard, where you can personalize email pop-ups, and a dedicated email template section, which lets you pick the perfect newsletter design for your website.

WordPress doesn’t provide much built-in, so you’ll need to browse the plugin market for your marketing needs. Some of the most popular choices include Monster Insights (for analytics), Yoast SEO (to help your site rank higher on Google), and MailChimp (for emails).

Wix logo

Are Features Your Top Priority?

If so, look no further than Wix’s website tools to get you started.

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App Market and Plugins

What Are The Extras?
The Winner

Wix has the best app market

Wix’s app market combines an easy-to-use search with the best third-party apps out there to create an unbeatable standard in this category. Weebly may offer more volume, but it’s harder to find what you are looking for. Due to its nature as a CMS, WordPress would be nothing without its robust plugin market giving it the features it needs to compete with builders. As such, it offers 54,000 plugins, but with more choice comes more time spent combing through finding the best. Sometimes, less is more.

Visit Wix
Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 5/5 3/5 3/5
Size 300+ 400+ 55,000+
App Markets and Plugins
Has over 300 high-quality apps that are easy to integrate Great coverage, but not as simple to find or use as Wix Over 54,000, but a lot of time is needed to find what you’re looking for

Integrating apps can give your website the extra boost it needs to reach the next level. Most website builders come with awesome built-in features, but a helping hand never hurt anyone, right?

The Wix App Market has over 300 options to help bolster and streamline your website. It’s relatively small compared to Weebly and WordPress, but it couldn’t be easier to search for an app, then integrate it – it takes just a couple of clicks!

installing wix apps
Integrating Wix apps is easy thanks to its one-click installation.

Weebly’s App Center is bigger, featuring over 400 apps, but it doesn’t possess the simple browsing tools that Wix does. This makes it harder to actually find and install the right app.

WordPress is more of an outsourcer than Wix or Weebly, relying entirely on third party apps for improving your site’s performance. There are more than 54,000 plugins to choose from, but with such a wide choice, you’re more likely to spend time sifting through sub-par plugins. It’s also far more difficult to actually install them.

So, ultimately, with Wix and Weebly, less is more.


Want to Browse a Great App Market?

It’s a case of quality over quantity here, and Wix is the winner, with simple integration to boot.


How Can You Grow?
The Winner

A tie between Wix and WordPress!

Wix has an impressive range of SEO features that make improving your website’s ranking a piece of cake. Wix has an impressive range of SEO features that make improving your website’s ranking a piece of cake. WordPress is another SEO powerhouse – like Wix, the only thing it doesn’t offer is keyword support. Weebly comes in last for SEO out of the three – it also lacks keyword support, but the real thing that lets it down is its poor mobile experience.

Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 5/5 4/5 5/5
Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Meta Description Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Friendy? Yes No Yes
Winner: A Tie between Wix and WordPress
Once again, Wix does it all while making it all so simple. Weebly offers a lot, but without the ability to edit image alt tags and not being mobile friendly is a huge drawback WordPress offers good SEO options, some of the best in the industry.

There are a number of processes which can improve your site’s ranking on search engines like Google. This overall process is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and is important because it gets your website found more easily.

As always, Wix makes tricky subjects trouble-free. Thanks to a helpful ‘SEO Wiz’, you’re never left feeling lost while improving your SEO. You can select a few keywords (popular words or phrases people are searching for) about your website, and the Wiz cooks up a personalized strategy.

wix seo guide keyword search
Wix walks you through the best SEO practices for your website, so you never feel lost

Weebly also makes the topic of SEO more manageable, offering an Ultimate Guide that lets you track your website’s performance. Like Wix, you can integrate the Google Analytics app to generate even more detailed information.

Both platforms have an SEO-specific app, too, so you know exactly where to go for all your search engine needs.

Sadly though, Weebly does not seem optimized for mobile-friendly SEO. Mobile commerce now accounts for 72% of all ecommerce, and being a success online requires as many eyes on you as possible. Mobile SEO is different from normal SEO in many ways, such as mobile searches being more likely to promote local businesses. If you want to grow your site, catering to mobile SEO is a must!

Again, WordPress is ready to go for SEO in terms of design, being very well suited for it in fact. It just needs to be downloaded through the plugin directory. You will need to source one yourself, as well as integrate it, which takes more time than with Wix or Weebly. To save you time, we recommend the most popular SEO plugin, Yoast, which has over 5 million installations.

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Help and Support

What To Do When You Don't Know
The Winner

Wix is the most supportive platform

Wix has a better knowledge forum than Weebly but most importantly, Wix comes with onsite editor help, which means help is never too far away. WordPress, meanwhile, doesn’t have its own customer support team.

Visit Wix
Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 4.3/5 3.3/5 1.3/5
Phone? Yes Yes No
Live Chat? Yes No Yes
Social Media Yes Yes No
Help and Support
Winner: A Tie between Wix and WordPress
Wix offers great help and support with constant channels open for communication Weebly has decent support available, but walls off phone support behind its more expensive plans. WordPress offers very little in-house support for a platform with such a difficult level of entry.

Just like building a barbecue in the summer, you’re bound to need a helping hand at some point when making a website. What’s more, the quicker you fix your issues, the sooner you can get back to growing your wonderful webpage.

Wix has the most comprehensive customer support. As well as a huge, insightful knowledge center with tutorial videos, it provides support via phone (Mon – Thurs, 5am- 5pm PST), email, onsite editor help, and social media. It has nearly all the areas covered, but doesn’t currently support live chat help.

Wix is more inclusive than Weebly, which only provides phone help on its higher price plans. However, you can receive live chat and email on all Weebly price plans. Weebly also has a really useful help center, where your Weebly woes will wash away.

cupcake with frosting

Help and support are where WordPress really falls behind. It’s an open-source platform, so it doesn’t have a dedicated support team. This is one reason why it’s so important to choose a good-quality WordPress hosting provider, which gives you hands-on WordPress support. For example, Bluehost provides 24/7 WordPress support.

If you’re using WordPress, your computing experience is probably enough to see you through without too much trouble. If you do have any questions, WordPress does have a knowledge forum like Wix and Weebly.

The Wix Editor is built to guide you as you go. Plus, if you want some deeper explanations, the knowledge forum is always at your fingertips.


Which Has The Best Value For Money?
The Winner

Weebly is the best value for money platform

Weebly offers great value for money, having the lowest starting plan of the three. Its free plan makes it obviously cheaper than WordPress, which while being free, to begin with, requires you to buy web hosting, SSL, and plugins separately.
Try Weebly
Category Wix Weebly WordPress
Score 3.4/5 5/5 4.8/5
Free Plan Yes Yes No
Paid Plans (Paid Annually) Light: $16/month
Core: $27/month
Business: $32/month
Business Elite: $159/month
Personal: $6/month
Professional $12/month
Performance: $26/month
(No plans, but you will need…
Hosting: $2.95 - $49.85/month
Domain Name: $12/year
Themes: $0 - $200)
With its free plan, Wix has great value for money, but you will have ads on your site. The basic plan also runs on the expensive side. Weebly’s affordability is its main selling point, despite not offering as much as Wix. It’s perfect for users on a budget. For WordPress, you will need to source a hosting company as well themes for the site and a domain name. The extra costs start to stack up quickly.

Leaving the boring (but important) stuff ‘till last, it’s time to talk money. Which platform leaves more pennies in your pocket? Let’s find out…

Wix has four price plans, starting from $16 per month. To get ecommerce functionality, you’ll need to be on Core or higher. All plans focus on giving you the tools to build a website, like more storage and higher bandwidth.

It does have a free plan, but with it comes the subdomain ‘.wix.com’ on the end of your URL, and Wix ads all over your website.

This doesn’t look very professional, so it’s definitely worth upgrading your plan for a few dollars per week. See the image below for more information on Wix’s plans. Wix gives you plenty of choices when it comes to pricing.

Wix Offers Plenty of Choice

With a free plan and four paid plans, Wix has plenty of options to choose from.

Weebly lets you build for free and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on every other price plan, giving you peace of mind. The four Weebly price plans are as follows:

  • Personal ($6 per month)
  • Professional ($12 per month)
  • Performance ($26 per month)

The Personal plan is pretty similar to the free plan, but it does let you connect a custom domain. The Professional plan removes ads from your site and comes with unlimited storage, while the Performance plan gives you more advanced ecommerce tools. As you can see, Weebly is one of the best value platforms around with a 5 out of 5 in value for money in our research. Not an easy feat to achieve.

weebly plan prices
Weebly offers amazing value.
weebly logo square

Like Weebly's Value for Money?

We recommend either the Professional or Performance plan if you want the most bang for your buck.

WordPress.org is a different story. As an open-source platform, your website is what you make it, and there are no price plans. However, the costs rack up as you purchase web hosting, SSL certificates, themes, and plugins.

This makes it to hard to judge how much WordPress costs to run, because it’s different for everyone!

Good to know…

It costs just $9.99 $2.95 per month to host your WordPress website with Bluehost. Its WordPress hosting plans also come with a free domain name and SSL security certificate for one year, saving you around $15.

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Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress: Conclusion

Wix has come out on top, winning 5/7 rounds! After such a dominant performance, you can see why it’s the best overall website builder on the market today.

Weebly is best for value for money. If you are starting out and need a builder on a budget that just covers the basics, Weebly is our choice for you. It offers exactly what is necessary for a very good price. It won’t be able to reach the heights of the features Wix offers, but its decent SEO options and blogging capabilities will carry you further than you might expect.

WordPress is best for tech-savvy users who love total customization control. It’s a self-hosted platform, so you can do almost anything with your website – as long as you have the computing prowess.

Wix is the overall winner because it keeps things simple. Even though you’re building a powerful website, nothing ever feels complicated. By winning most of the battles, it won the war


Wix Is the Winner!

This builder comes out on top, winning the most categories of all three platforms.


The WordPress software itself is completely free. But it’s not an all-in-one package the way that website builders are. Additional costs (namely, hosting) that come included in the price of a website builder are things you’ll have to pay for separately when setting up a WordPress site.

Yes! While WordPress.org is a CMS (a more powerful platform than website builders, requiring more technical knowledge), there’s also WordPress.com, which is a website builder. It’s a lot less user-friendly than Wix or Weebly, but you can see for yourself how WordPress.com performs in our overall website builder rankings.

If you’re choosing between Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, then you have good taste! We hope this article narrows things down for you – but if you’re wondering what else is out there, then it’s worth looking into Squarespace, which ranks in between Wix and Weebly in our research.

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I used to think website design was just for professionals. Because maybe like you, I have no coding or design experience. But, with the help of our expert researchers (and after testing every website builder myself), I can confidently guide you through on how to get the most out of each one.

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I love to understand human behavior and the cognitive biases that drive us to do what we do. For over nine years I have worked as a mixed method researcher – research using a mix of numerical data and personal experiences – across a range of sectors, from insurance and policy development to finally arriving at Website Builder Expert five years ago. Fascinated by consumer decision-making, I meticulously built our leading ranking methodology to explore where providers like Wix sit within a competitive industry and what value they truly bring to our audience.
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